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Pay With Amazon and Get 10% Off!

by Kathleen Richards

Hey you! Yes, you! Want to get 10% off of your Woot order today?

Of course you do! You're not insane! All you've got to do is use Pay with Amazon. It's easy!

Here's how to do it:

1. Sign into your account. If you're already signed in, you should probably sign out, and then back in again so you can get to step #2, which is...

2. Log in with your Amazon account by clicking the big ol' button that says "Login with Amazon". It looks like this:

3. Use Pay with Amazon.

4. That's it! We'll take 10% off your order. For real!

This offer excludes purchases on Wine.Woot. Maximum discount is $30. This offer is for today (December 17th) only, so get shopping now! The clock is ticking!!!