"Pets" That Look Like Celebrities

by Amy Nance

In case you haven't noticed, it's Pet Week over on Sellout.Woot. We've got some great buys on fancy animal goods in our pet event that I refuse to refer to by name.

And in the spirit of spoiled rotten animals who always get what they want, I give you Pets That Look Like Celebrities. A few caveats, though. It's really more animals that look like celebs. Because if you had some of these animals as pets, you'd probably be arrested. Also, I take issue with referring to some of these people as celebrities. Most notably, Hitler. They could have just as easily gone with Charlie Chaplin, and I would have been cool with that.


And just for giggles, here's another one:


Think you've got a pet who looks like a celebrity? We want to see it! Share your pics or videos in the thread below.