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Phillip Cathin's Resignation From Woot

by Sam Kemmis

Fellow Wootlings,

Blogger/designer/developer/social media presence/ninja Philip Cathin here. You certainly saw my recent exposure in online content giant The Onion this week (40 million page views per month). In case you missed that link: Here it is again. (Phil Tip #41: Linking is Winning).

Given the ballooning of my Klout score following the article's publication, I will be leaving Woot to pursue private brand exposure/consulting/awesomeness. It's been real, Woot, but this bird's gonna fly.

As an expression of my gratitude for the ways in which this company has allowed me to maximize my own New Media/Web 4.0 presence, I would like to leave you all with some patented Phil Cathin "Words of Web Wisdom":

  • Maximize synergy AT ALL TIMES.
  • Successful networks of all kinds experience exponential self-perpetuation.
  • Keep your Facebook friends close, and your Pinterest pins closer.
  • SEO is dead. Long live SEO.
  • Podbean?
  • Crossfit.
  • Whatever it takes, get a major satirical newspaper to write a story about you.

Follow these to the letter, and you could be the next P.Cath.

TL;DR: CYA, Woot.

Philip Cathin
Twitter: @pcatty
p dot cathin at hotmail dot com
Instagram: @pcatpics
Friendster: Philip.Cathin