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Return Policy Changes

by Grace Ellen Queen

Come one! Come all! Come learn about the new and exciting changes to Woot's return policy!

They say “If you love something, let it go.”

We say “If you don’t love something, send it back within 30 days“

Now, maybe that’s not as romantic as the first statement, but it is a better return policy. So, without further ado, allow us to introduce Woot’s wonderful new return policy- now with patented hassle reducing technology!

Our old return policy went to great lengths to tell you that you could only return items that were damaged and defective. Eww. What is this, 2003? We live in the future, and in the future THERE ARE NO RULES TO ANYTHING ANYMORE (except the finer points in our return policy).

Woot will now accept returns on items you don’t like, clothing that doesn’t fit, and even bulky weird shaped stuff. There are exceptions, because life is full of small injustices and there’s really nothing that can be done about that. At least, that’s what our lawyers keep telling us… But thanks to this incredible thing called "The Internet", you don’t even have to remember all the rules and exceptions included in the return policy!

You can find them all here

In a perfect world, you would never need to know our return policy because everything would be perfectly sized, damage free, and filled with chocolate. But this is not a perfect world. We know that boxes get busted, shoe sizes are weird, and chocolate should not be leaking out of your new down comforter. So, file this return policy away in your noggin and shop Woot with a newfound confidence.  

Or yell at us on the forums about how our new return policy has personally ruined your life/marriage/birthday…  We’ll still love you.