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Sean University: Ad-ventures!

by Sean Adams

Does your business have an ad on TV? Probably not because it’s way too expensive. And why is that? Because everyone wants to have a TV commercial because everyone watches TV so it’s the best place to put a commercial, right? Wrong! There are plenty of other things with great untapped potential as ad boards. And we here at the Sean Adams University of Business Development Management Leadership have compiled them into a convenient list:

Clouds: you know when people point to a cloud and say it looks like a dog or a turtle or something? That just goes to show you that clouds know shapes. So why not get an airplane and shape a cloud to be a pie chart showing why your customers are way more satisfied than your competitors’?

Lightning Bolts: people like to count the seconds between the lightning and the thunder in order to know how far away the storm is, but when you start shaping lightning bolts into commercials for your company, people will be counting something new: the many ways your product or service could improve their lives!

Leaves: print an ad for your company on some leaves, and as they get old and fall down, your profits will skyrocket!

Armpits: a guy goes to the doctor. “My armpits are itchy, doc,” he says. “Let me take a look,” says the doctor. There in the guy’s armpit is an ad for your business. “I’ve never seen anything like this before,” says the doctor. “Can you save me, doc?” the guy asks. “I’m not sure,” says the doctor, “but I sure can save a lot of money by taking advantage of this great offer!” [Armpit ads work best if your product is made for doctors.]

Money: have you seen the stuff that’s on money right now? It’s just a bunch of outdated political ads for presidents that aren’t even in office anymore! I bet money is just dying to get some fresh ads on there. You should email them!

Of course, those are just the underused ad spaces we noticed. Where would you like to put your company’s ad? Let us know in the comments!