Sean University: Art of the Department

by Sean Adams

Businesses are like flowers. They start out small and blossom. The only difference is that businesses don’t have to start underground and also flowers are plants whereas businesses are businesses. But still, the same concept applies: you want to grow your business as much as possible, and that means adding some new departments.

What kinds of departments, you wonder? Well, we here at the Sean Adams University of Business Management Development Leadership have some suggestions. Check it out:

  • A department to retroactively deem ideas bad ideas
  • A comma creation department
  • A mysterious welding department
  • A water cooler testing department (you can never be too safe!)
  • A frozen foods department
  • A rocket department (wouldn’t it be cool to say your business has a rocket?!)
  • A “let’s go outside every 10 minutes to make sure the office is still tied to the dock” department (only necessary for businesses that happen in boats!)
  • A knitting department
  • A Mark Ketting department (only guys named Mark Ketting are allowed!)
  • A knife-dulling department
  • A clock setting and monitoring department
  • A mail smelling department (you can never be too safe!)
  • A wax department
  • A kreeative department (you know it’s creative because they spell it creatively!)
  • A love department
  • An imaginary department that’ll come to life if you just believe
  • A butt department (you can never be too safe!)

What departments will you add to your business? Let us know in the comments!