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Sean University: End-of-February Education Festival of Learning!

by Sean Adams

Instead of using this space to hold our as-scheduled weekly class, I’d instead like to announce something exciting: the Sean Adams University of Business Management Development Leadership End-of-February Education Festival of Learning! We’ll be teaching a super-special workshop on each of the last three days of February. Here’s what’s in store:

Turning that Sandwich into a Sand-rich (February 29th): Ever eat your lunch and think, “Hey, I’m pretty good at this! Too bad this couldn’t be my career!” Well, guess what? It can be! In this two-hour seminar, we’ll teach you how to turn your lunch break into your big break! 6 figure salary in one year guaranteed to anyone who attends!

Finding the Free Boats (February 30th): Wanna get out on the water but don’t wanna drop the big bucks on a yacht? Now you don’t have to! In this all-day lecture, we’ll tell you where to find all the free boats that are just sitting there waiting for people like you to take them! Map included!

We’re Just Going to Jump into this Pool of Gold Coins (February 31st): No real class here. We just have a big pool of gold coins and we’re going to swim in it. You get to keep all the gold you can fit into mouth!

Registration is open RIGHT NOW! The cost is whatever is in your checking account right now! Sign up before space runs out! (If you’d like to drop out because you can’t make it to a given class, no worries! We will refund all your money, no questions asked! Expect to see it re-appear in your checking account on March 32nd.)

So, who’s signing up?!