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The Crapword Puzzle 3: Return Of The Crap

by Sam Kemmis

Warm up your OCDs, sharpen you addictive personalities, and stretch out your mania: It's time for another round of the Crapword Puzzle! Due to public outcry, we've made this harder than ever, so don't come crying to us when your head splits in half. 


Here's how you play:

Download the blank crossword here (or click on the image over there) and print it or complete it on your personal computing device.

  • Look for clues on the Sellout.Woot Woot-Off: You know that little piece of text that goes with each product? Yeah, look there. 
  • When you have an answer to a clue, post it here in this format: "1-across: Alfalfa" (if you just post "Alfalfa" we won't know what you're talking about. 
  • No posting guesses until the clue has actually been posted. So even if you know it from inference, you still gotta wait for the clue to pop up before you can answer. 
  • YOU ONLY GET ONE GUESS PER CLUE so make it a good one.
  • The first person to post the correct answer will get a special, crappy offer sent to them via private message, which can be found right here

UPDATE 11/11 1:18AM We're gonna call it a night, but the clues will keep rolling while we're out. We'll catch up with the winners when we get back on in the morning. Happy crapping! (Please go to sleep)