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The Wootathon: 24 Hours of Streaming Video, All Birthday Long

by Jason Toon

Today Woot turns eight years old. If we were a presidential administration, we'd either have to step down or mount a coup. Fortunately, ecommerce/humor sites are not term-limited, so there's no need to call out the tanks today.

When our first deal - a robotic lawnmower - plowed through the overgrown but undernourished weeds of ecommerce on July 12, 2004, we had no idea where it would someday take us. And we especially never imagined anything like the Wootathon. All day today, we're pumping out 24 continuous hours of Woot video, a stream of Woot consciousness the likes of which the world has never seen. Watch it right here:

You'll see plenty of Wootcast classics along with a bunch of new stuff we put together just for the occasion. You'll ooooh. You'll aaaah. You'll probably get bored at some point. We hope you'll eat, sleep, and go to the bathroom. And yes, if you watch long enough, you'll see some of the same things a couple of times. Mozart doesn't write a new symphony every time the Vienna Philharmonic plays, does he?

We'll also be gettin' festive up in our Facebook and Twitter feeds today. But the Wootcast is our birthday gift to everybody who has put up with our crap for eight long years. And the best thing about it is, you can't re-gift it back to us no matter how much you hate it. No give-backs! Called it!