There Can Be Only Pun: Flower Reviews!

by Sean Adams

You guys, I have an addiction. I'm addicted to puns. I need them. I can't get enough of them. I HUNGER FOR THEM. That's why I've set up this weekly blog feature: so you guys can feed my addiction. Every week, I'll name the topic, give you some examples, and then you'll pun away in the comments, on Facebook, or on Twitter. I'll choose the best ones and post them here next week. Sound good? Good! Let's do it!


This week's pun topic is a little bit different. We're looking for flower reviews. No, we don't you to rate flowers. We want one line reviews, with flower puns in them. Not sure what we're talking about? Well, we're not too sure either. But anyway, some examples:

  • A lilac-luster performance.
  • A fleur de force!
  • The soundtrack is full of catchy petunias you'll be humming all week.

Kinda weird, right? Whatever. Post yours in the comments and I'll pick me faves next week (imagine that in an Irish accent).

Last Week's Winner(States of Mind): North Dakomatose from Jillian Derscheid on Facebook.

Other Favorites: Blississippi from andrewtl, and  Pensiveania from barkwoot.

Photo by flickr user Birmingham Culture, used under a Creative Commons License.