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There Can Be Only Pun: Piraticians

by Amy Nance

We'll let you draw your own comparisons between pirates and politicians. :::AHEM liars AHEM thieves AHEM::: and just focus on the puns. Let's see if you can do better than the following mash-ups. Seriously. Please do better.

A few examples:

  • Donald Stump
  • HilARRRy Clinton
  • Mike Hookabee

And now for our favorites from last week. You guys really nailed it!

The best from last time (Star Bores):

  • Sithter Wives (goldilion)
  • 19 Clones and Counting (mseanhills)
  • RuPaul's Pod Race (mbspell)

Honorable Mentions:

  • Sithbusters (barkwoot)
  • Today with Yoda and Kathie Lee (moles1138)

We loved these so much, but not 100% sure they're classified as reality shows.