There Can Be Only Pun: Seasoned Cinema

by Amy Nance

Our Pun Master General is gone, but never forgotten! We're carrying on, as he would have wanted. Do our Sean Adams proud and post your best puns in the comments!

THIS WEEK'S EPISODE: Seasoned Cinema

We're looking for movies and herbs/spices/seasonings mash-ups this week. For example:

  • Three Men and a Bay Leaf
  • Clove Actually
  • Notting Dill

Ready. Set. Go post something stupid! We'll post our faves next week.

The Best from last time (Junk Food Video Games)

  • Sonic the Hotdog (andrubin16)
  • White Castle Wolfenstein (jimkillian)
  • Super Oreo Bros. (moosedinner)

(Photo by Flickr user GavinBell, used under a Creative Commons License.)