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There Can Be Only Pun: Thanksgiving Motivation

by Sean Adams

It seems like I face some new, frustrating dilemma almost every day. For a while, I tried to solve each one on my own, but I just can't do it anymore. I'm in over my head, and I need your help, Wooters! So, each week, I'm going to reach out to you guys, and you're going to provide me with the puns I need to get by. That's right: logic is secondary; puns are the primary goal here. I'll choose the best pun and announce it in next week's post.

THIS WEEK'S EPISODE: Thanksgiving: A Motivational Speech!

I'm trying out a new career: motivational speaking. I've built a pretty impressive program using the traditional Thanksgiving meal as a metaphor for achieving your goals. Now, I just need a name for it. Here are some ideas I had:

  • The Tur-keys to Success
  • Be Cranberry Sauce, not Cran'tberry Sauce: The Power of Positive Thinking
  • Taking what you De-Serve

But those are pretty weak. So, I'm reaching out to you guys. What should I call my Thanksgiving-themed motivational speaking program? Post your ideas in the comments and I'll pick my favorite next week!

Last week's winner (political hockey team names): The Hat Trickle Down Economics from user Jigglitt.

Other Favorites: The Philly Busters from llandar; New York Across-the-Aisleanders from tarataylor914.

Photo by flickr user dtsang used under a Creative Commons License.