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Thursday Night Woot!ball

by George Brimlovich

October 18 at 7pm CT: Denver Broncos vs. Arizona Cardinals

When a team scores, a new product is revealed.

Here's how this works:

• Go to this page and watch the game to know when to refresh the page.

• The page will say "SOLD OUT" until a team scores. Sorry, can't make it any better. This is Woot.

• Each time a team scores during the game, we'll reveal a new product (and take away the old one, once we get a sescond score).

• We are not counting points, just scores. So if a team scores a field goal, we'll release one product. If it's a touchdown, we'll release another one.

• Points after touchdowns don't count. Whether it's an extra point or a two-point conversion, we don't care. We're only counting the touchdown. Got it?

• But what if it ends in a 0-0 tie? Well, that's a bummer, isn't it? Let's hope for something like 38-35.

• Quantities on each of the products are limited, so act quickly.