Watch This First: Julia Louis-Dreyfus with The Practical Theater Company, 1982

by Jason Toon

As a former cast member of Saturday Night Live, Julia Louis-Dreyfus should be the Seinfeld star whose skeletons are easiest to pull out of the closet. But NBC is ruthlessly about 86ing SNL clips from YouTube (with one odd mildly NSFW exception), so here's this instead: a TV report from Chicago about three local comic actors who had just hit the big time. The fresh-faced Louis-Dreyfus, her husband Brad Hall, and fellow SNL rookie Gary Kroeger reminded me of the excessively buoyant theater students from my college dorm - so, frankly, it's not the easiest six minutes for me to sit through.

That does it for our week-long excursion into Seinfeld prehistory. See the rest of it - and more video coffee beans plucked from the pile of civet droppings that is the Internet - in the Watch This First archive.