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by Benjamin Bhutan


Wednesday, September 12 from 8am CT until 8pm CT

New deals pop up every 15 minutes or less!

WHACK-A-DEAL is something that our beloved forum moderator Thunder Thighs has been wanting to try for a long time. Here's how it works:

• At the start time (see above), the Whack-A-Deal page launches with 12-15 deals. Some of the deals might only have a few quantities available.

• Every 15 minutes or less, a new deal will pop up at the top of the page, and we'll remove a deal. How will you know? You'll need to refresh the page.

• Some items may be removed from the page for the rest of the day, and others may come back again (at the same price. No price trickery in this event).

• We'll keep about 15 products on the page at any given time. If an item sells out, it will move to the bottom of the page.

• Bags of Crap will pop up every now and then. Yeehaw!
• The page will appear as "Sold Out" until the Whack-A-Deal event starts at the specific time above.
• If you miss an offer, don't fret. We might run the same deal again! Stick around, refresh the page, or come back later in the day to see the current batch of deals.
• This is an experiment. It's kind of like a Woot-Off, but with more stuff available at the same time.
• We want to have fun with this, and we want to know what you think. So tell us!