Woot Goes Mobile (Yes, Finally)

by Jason Toon

Hold on to your threadbare Uggs, because Woot has finally lurched into the mobile era. Today we announce our first-ever mobile-optimized version. Yes, the young people of today who access the 'tubes on their newfangled cyberphones can get off of our lawns and onto Woot Mobile!

Just "boot up" the browser on your iOS or Android phone and "net-surf" over to Woot.com for the mobile experience we've owed you for a long time now. Hey, there's the "I Want One" button you've always loved. Just tap the product description, and…

…let Woot Mobile whisk you away to a world of laughter and thrills. Scroll down further, and discover the bounty that is all of the day's Woot Plus events.

Beyond that, you'll find the polls and Wootcast videos. Never ride a bus or wait in a line without them, ever again!

Back up at the top of the page, tap the Woot logo for a flyout menu of all the Woot sites. You'll also see a little cartoon character in the upper-right corner. That's you! Or at least your specific Woot forum avatar. Tap "More Action" for access to your account settings, purchase history, and other personal, intimate stuff.

The buying process and account management screens didn't want to be left out, so we've optimized them for mobile, too. We have to let them have a little fun once in a while.

What's not included yet? Well, if you want to read our blog, or comment in our forums, or use Deals.Woot, you'll have to do it in a full-site version, like you have all along. But this initial mobile version is only the beginning (as late as it is). We're going to keep on developing until you come to think of your smartphone as a Woot device that also makes phone calls. Look for much, much more to come.

Have you tried Woot Mobile yet? What features would you like to see in future iterations? What do you think of this new band "Coldplay"? Let us know in the discussion below!