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Woot Turns 10 in July: Happy Birthmonth to Us!

by Jason Toon

​Has it really been 260 fortnights? Has Woot existed for one-hundredth of a millennium already? Where did those two Roman lustra go? Yes, this month Woot celebrates 70 dog years of questionable business decisions and occasionally reliable customer service - and we're passing the jubilation on to you with our Woot 10 celebration! Please enjoy:

Our live birthday Wootcast, 9 a.m. - 5 p.m. PST, Friday, July 11: A full day of jinks both hi- and lo-, streamed live from the Woot studios! The centerpiece will be a participatory ecommerce experience utterly unlike anything ever yet attempted anywhere by anybody. We'll reveal more later. Seriously, this is gonna be insane.

$10 daily shirts at Shirt.Woot: All month long, our shirt store is turning back the price clock with $10 featured shirts every day! Let's party like it's 2004 except we didn't have a T-shirt store in 2004 so more like 2007 but that's confusing with the whole 10-year-anniversary thing so let's just say 2004! Awooh!

Woot Vault product descriptions: With all this partying going on, who's got time to write new product descriptions for every single Today's Woot deal? Not us! So we're flipping through our stash of thousands of product writeups and featuring the choicest deep cuts in the main writeup space on each Woot site.

Games, videos, giveaways, animal fights, and more: We're working on all kinds of fun to celebrate ten years of Woot in the most fitting of ways: with a scattershot, slapped-together jumble of ill-conceived folly. Catch it!

Most of all, Woot 10 is a gift to thank you, the fans, for keeping us alive as we near puberty. You don't even have to buy anything. But you know, come on, we've gone to a lot of trouble here. Would it kill you to flip us a couple of bucks?