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WTF Is WTF Pricing?!?

by Jeremy Bender

Here's the TL;DR version:

May 10 at 3pm CT | Ray-Ban Chromance sunglasses | Prices start at $1   (This is just a test, so don't sue us please)

​​UPDATE 4:02pm: We've gone through all of the price levels. Thank you for playing along with us! We'll keep up the $99.99 glasses through the end of the day. We're also gonna get together and figure out ways to make this better for the next round. So please do chime in on the thread and let us know the good / bad / ugly of this experiment.​
UPDATE 3:28pm: For anyone still in the vestibule of patience, it's probably not going to end well. We love you anyway and we're already taking notes on how to improve this madness for next time.​
UPDATE 3:13pm: Site got a little squirrely but we're back up. We've got at least one confirmed order in the thread comments below. Next price level releases at 3:20pm CT.
UPDATE 3:02pm: We're live and we have way too much traffic! We can't even load the page on our side. DAAAAAANG. We hope some of you were able to get to them. Stay tuned for the next price to launch.

WTF (Woot's Totally Fun-Tastic) Pricing is a way for us to give you a chance at a ridiculous price on a specific deal without losing our shirts. It’s a simple as that. So here's how it works:

1. Go to this page. (Deal will appear "Sold Out" until #2 below).

2. At precisely 3pm CT on Thursday, May 10, we will launch the deal with a price of $1. Click on the deal, and try to get it. There are just a few at this price.

3. If you don’t get the deal for $1, then click back to the page and wait to refresh at the next launch time.

4. At precisely 3:10pm CT, we will launch the deal with a price of $20. Again, there are just a few at this price.

5. Repeat Step #3.

6. At precisely 3:20pm CT, we will launch the deal with a price of $50.

7. Repeat Step #3.

We think you get the idea. Every 10 minutes we will keep raising the price in increments, eventually landing on the final Woot price of $99.99 (which is still a great deal). So, if you don't wanna play, you can wait for about an hour and get the deal at $99.99, if it hasn't sold out yet. But if you're feeling lucky, have some time to kill, and like hitting F5, then let's do this. GOOD LUCK!
Also, let’s set some expectations:
This is a test, and it might be a little rough. We might break the site. We hope not. If we do, we're sorry.
WTF Pricing is for this one offer only. If it goes well, and you like messing around with us like this, we will bring it back again on another offer.
When you click on the offer, you might be ushered into Woot's Vestibule of Patience, the queue of customers who are trying to order. From there, you'll either be taken to the checkout page, or our servers will hiccup and kick you out to Woot's main page.
There are only a few quantities at each price point. Each level will sell out really quickly. Most likely you're not going to get one for $1. Or $20. BUT YOU NEVER KNOW.
You may get a message that your order has been denied or canceled. This just means that we ran out of inventory at that price before we could complete your order. Most likely this is going to happen, so just be ready for the disappointment.


And hey, if you're lucky enough to get the deal at one of the crazy-low prices, post about it in the thread below, so other Wooters don't think this is some bait and switch deal. We can say it's not, but the internet never believes anyone. Plus, the more you share about what you got, the better the chances are that this could become a regular thing. Help a Woot out, OK?