Monday, May 02

Music Monday: RIP Dennis Davis

by Scott Lydon

Happy Music Monday! Dennis Davis passed away just about a month ago, but we've had a little backlog of death, so Scott's only getting to him now. Nothing personal, Dennis. It's just been a crazy year.

Roy Ayers - Rhythms Of Your Mind


When I paid a bit too much for a first edition of this record a few years ago, I was very surprised to read the liner notes and discover Dennis Davis was the drummer on the record and the arranger of this song. But it really shouldn't have surprised me at all. As talented as he was, he should have been everywhere.

More RIP's to come.

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The Debunker: Are Dinosaurs Extinct?

by Ken Jennings

If there's one thing everyone knows about the dinosaurs, it's that they're dead. In fact, they're synonymous with deadness, like disco or doornails or Francisco Franco. About 65 million years ago, an asteroid collided with Earth, splashing down in a shallow sea off the coast of what is today Mexico. The dinosaurs, probably already made vulnerable by a million years of climate shifts, didn't stand a chance against a rock the size of Manhattan. Mile-high tsunamis, volcanoes and earthquakes, shock waves circling the globe, rains of molten glass, a year of complete darkness. It was literally lights out for them.

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Monday, April 25

Music Monday: RIP Prince

by Scott Lydon

Today's Music Monday is going to be a little different than usual for two reasons. The first: It's Prince. Seriously. Almost 100% of modern music derives from the ideas he was originating and playing with. He touched rock, he touched soul, he touched dance, he touched everything. And he could even do it all himself, playing all the instruments one at a time. There's really never been a performer like him.

But the second reason this will be a strange Music Monday is that Prince didn't want his stuff to be online. For years his legal team would swoop in and remove his stuff from YouTube and other sites. That means I've got nothing of his to link to here today. SO instead, I'm going to go the other direction. I'm going to link some of his copycats, side projects, and such. Because good God, if anyone deserves a tribute, it's Prince.

94 East - Just Another Sucker


So Prince was born into a family that was absolutely soaked in music, which possibly helped him get started early on. This 94 East track was written by Prince, in 1977, and it's one of his earlier compositions. 94 East was formed by Prince's cousin's ex-husband. The band didn't really do much else, but you can hear the start of Prince's funky sound right here.

More to come.

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