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The Debunker: Did a "Crying Indian" Alert America to the Evils of Pollution?

by Ken Jennings

When most Americans think about American Indians in November, it's probably as part of Thanksgiving pageantry: the Wampanoags who gave the hapless Pilgrims food during their first winter at Plymouth and taught them how to grow corn the following spring, the ninety Indians who attended the "first Thanksgiving" feast in 1621. You may not know that, ever since 1990, November has officially been "Native American Heritage Month" in the United States, a time to recognize "the rich ancestry and traditions" of the nation's first inhabitants. But Jeopardy!'s Ken Jennings has some reservations about the accuracy of our Native American knowledge. It's never too late to set the record straight!

The Debunker: Did a "Crying Indian" Alert America to the Evils of Pollution?

On Earth Day 1971, the nonprofit Keep America Beautiful launched one of the most iconic TV ad campaigns in history. A Native American man in traditional buckskins canoes down a river until he reaches a polluted modern metropolis. "Some people have a deep, abiding respect for the natural beauty that was once this country," intones narrator William Conrad in his distinctive gravelly voice. A passing car tosses garbage at the Indian's moccasined feet. "Some people don't," Conrad adds. A single tear rolls down the Indian's right cheek.

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Monday, November 07

Music Monday: Brand New Lovers

by Scott Lydon

Happy Music Monday! There have been so many deaths this year that Scott has just given up doing RIP posts, but you may notice that today's Music Monday was inspired by the late Pete Burns, lead singer of Dead Or Alive. Today is a collection of songs all about that nagging human need to find something better, even when you've got it good.

Dead Or Alive - Brand New Lover


Pete Burns had a hard life, then a good life, then a hard life. But he channeled some of that pain and anguish into making some great pop songs, as you can hear above. RIP Pete. Thanks for the fun.

Four more and then it will be YOUR turn!

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