Wednesday, November 13

Shameless 'Like'-Mongering

by Sam Kemmis

First Prize - Anne-Marie Roitburd
​Second Prize - Shawn Taheri
​Third Prize - Sean Crooks 
Fourth Prize - Karen Covington
Fifth Prize - Clyde Hutchins
Sixth Prize - Debbie Pritchard
Seventh Prize - Rebecca Duncan 
Eighth Prize - Sarah Butler 


Ever wonder how companies make money on social media? Here's the formula (don't be scared by the math!): 


In that spirit we're happy to announce our first-ever Shameless 'Like'-Mongering Sweepstakes! All you need to do is check our Facebook page, so to the "Shameless Like-Mongering" tab, 'Like' us by following the instructions therein, and you'll be entered for a chance to win some prizes. What prizes, you ask? These prizes! (NO PURCHASE NECESSARY. Ends 11/27/2013. See Official Rules following these sweet prizes.)

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Monday, October 15

Crap or Treat: Piece of Crap Giveaways from Woot & Archie McPhee!

by Jason Toon

Put this in your plastic pumpkin and BOO it! All week long on Woot's Facebook page, we'll be giving away single-serving Pieces of Crap with a festively Halloween theme. We're calling it Crap or Treat and all you have to do is "Like" our Facebook page, watch for the twice-daily sweepstakes posts, follow the instructions, and you might be one of the lucky winners!

And thanks to our pals at Archie McPhee, the world's greatest emporium of mondo bizarro, these aren't the kind of lame "treats" that will still be rattling around your bucket in mid-November. No Bits o' Honey. No circus peanuts. No nickels. Just premium Halloween weirdness from the vast McPhee vaults of WTF.

Whatever mask you're wearing, we hope you can see through the eyeholes well enough to watch Crap or Treat unfold on Woot's Facebook page, all week long! And we better not catch you trying to TP us - or YOU might be the treat in next year's bag!

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Monday, September 10

Pieces of Crap Giveaways: Woot Lays It On With A Trowel At Facebook

by Jason Toon

There comes a time in every ecommerce site's journey through life when she must grit her teeth, roll up her sleeves, and get down to an unpleasant but vital task: getting rid of some of the sample products that seem to collect in every corner like cobwebs in a Victorian widow's decrepit mansion.

And so, in the grand Woot tradition of suckering our fans into doing our dirty work, we present Pieces of Crap! All this week, Monday through Friday, we'll be conducting mini-express-lightning giveaways of single items we no longer want and never needed.

How can you get a piece of the Piece of Crap action? Just "Like" Woot's main Facebook page and watch for the giveaway announcements in our news feed. We'll ignore the perhaps more pertinent question of why you would want to. As we always say at Woot, "Your personal problems are none of our business." Now get out there and enjoy the hell out of that crap!

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Tuesday, June 26

The Real Reason You Should Be Mad About the Facebook Email Switch

by Randall Cleveland

If you haven't heard the news or you're one of those Luddites who refuses to get a Facebook account (how could you hold out after reading all the positive press lately?), Facebook recently pissed off pretty much everyone with an account by changing their default contact email to [username] without telling anyone. Oh, that's not entirely true. Facebook kinda sorta mentioned it might happen back in April, so as far as they're concerned you've got no right to be upset. Even though they straight up lied:

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