Friday, October 05

Send Us Postcards: a.k.a A Desperate Cry For Human Interaction

by Scott Lydon

It gets lonely up here in the offices sometimes. When our only contact with the world is over a computer screen… well, we can't deny it. Sometimes we cry. And the only thing that can cheer us up is information on which state has the largest birthday cake.



If you'd like to help cheer us up, now's your chance, because we're collecting postcards! Our beloved social media expert agingdragqueen is hoping to make a big wall of joy when Woot Seattle moves into their new building in about a month or so. Won't you help her reach her dream? Won't you help all us staffers know how much we're loved? All you've got to do is visit this deals.woot thread for our address and then find a pretty postcard you can send our way. As soon as it arrives, we'll showcase it on our "Dear Woot" Tumblr and prepare it to be slapped on our most favoritest wall. Hurry up! We can't wait to hear from you!

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