Tuesday, June 26

The Debunker: Does Every Rose Have Its Thorn?

by Ken Jennings

Spring is turning to summer here in the Northern Hemisphere, and the world is in blossom. Flowers always make me think of Chairman Mao, who once vowed to “let a hundred flowers bloom” in China, meaning that the nation would be healthier if a diversity of ideas could compete for attention. But in real life, sometimes the wrong flowers win the war of ideas, leading us up a primrose path of misconceptions and misinformation. This month, Jeopardy! champ Ken Jennings digs up all kinds of floral falsehoods from the fertile soil of his mind, separating the weeds of legend from the pick-me-up bouquet… of truth.

Flower Myth #4: Every Rose Has Its Thorn.

I hate to second-guess the musical genius of Poison, especially since astronomers have proven that every night has its dawn, and I have to assume that every cowboy sings a sad, sad song at least occasionally. But, surprisingly, rose plants don’t have thorns—botanically speaking, that is.

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