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CES 2013: Eight Totally Rad Names of People at CES

by Jason Toon
a stinking badge

The Consumer Electronics Show brings together thousands of people from around the world, and requires them to walk around with their names clearly printed on a tag around their necks. Just watching the badges go by is a great way for a snap education on the wonderful variety of human names. Every single one of these names belongs to an actual CES attendee, as spotted by me. Just imagine how much better, how much more colorful your life would be if you woke up every morning with one of these names:

  • Lili Li
  • John Hater
  • Nicholas Nikolas
  • Bong Valdez
  • Jerry Springer
  • Ernst Ginkel
  • Lobo Law
  • Jason Toon

We'll keep pointing fingers and naming names in our CES 2013 coverage.