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CES: Our 2013 Faux-verage Begins To Continue To Begin

by Scott Lydon

Oh, Jason got to meet Lemmy from Motorhead? Well… we had donuts in the office today! Yeah! Take that, Jason Toon! And as for the rest of you, join me after the jump to see the latest, greatest, better-than-reality faux-verage from deep in the heart of Woot HQ. Where Lemmy WISHES he could go.


People like Gizmodo are talking about the new gaming tablet from Razer, but you know what? Now's not the time, we feel. Instead, save your money for a little bit longer. Why? Simple. Check out the sneak preview we scored of next year's up-and-coming 3D gaming tablet that even comes with a pre-loaded platformer! And no special glasses are required!


Also coming down the pipe are more instruments like the Gtar, a tool designed to let you use your iPhone as a stringed instrument. Yes, the price point is twice that of just buying an real entry level guitar, but that's not the point! The point is that we're entering the future! And that's why the iLophone will soon be appearing in jazz bands worldwide.


Please remember you'll need special soft-touch mallets which are not included with purchase.

The neatest thing, however, was the Pebble watch first pointed out to us by Endgadget. This e-paper style watch lets the user download apps, get text messages, and even install new watch faces. Obviously, this opens up a whole new world for pranking the strangers that peek over your shoulder to figure out what time it is.


Scott's here and full of recaps and lies. Jason's on the ground in Vegas, exhausted from walking. Together they make the most surly CES coverage the world has ever seen! Keep following on our blog all this week.

PS: photos were assembled in part from parT esuoM by videocrab and Fisher Price Pull A Tune Xylophone by cyanide45 and Pebble Stickers by teamstickergiant and are used under a Creative Commons License.