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Digital Crap!

by WootBot

So what's this Digital Crap thing all about?

If you're on the app, you may have noticed this image at the top. If you click on it, it will opens up to reveal...a piece of Digital Crap. What's Digital Crap, you ask? Well, it could be any of the following:

***A short video.

***A one-liner joke.

***A random picture.

It only lives on the app for the day, and then it's gone forever and replaced with the next day's Digital Crap. It's completely randomized, so you might get something that someone else has, or you might get something that no one else has. Each piece of Digital Crap is also ranked, on a scale that ranges from "Wooty" (least rare) to "Most Wootiest" (most rare). So consider yourself very lucky if you get "Spaghetti Long Jump" (you'll know what that means if you see it).

It's just something fun that we worked on, and we wanted to share it with you. Consider it a beta to test out and play with. Just make sure you've downloaded the most recent version of the app (otherwise you might get a rude 404 message).

Let us know what you think about it here. If you like it, maybe we'll add some more stuff to it...hint, hint...