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Everything is Soooooooo Easy!!!

by M&M's Talkative Co-worker

In case you missed the announcement, go here to read the exciting news:

Something New and Wonderful is Coming



You’ll find posting super simple in the new Woot! Community.  When you reply to a post, you’re greeted with the following text box:

From here, you simply start typing away! 

Formatting Text: Be gone, BBCode headaches! No more memorizing BBCode If you want bold or italic text. Just select the text and click the B or I icon.  

Quoting the Original Post: One difference you will notice is that posts aren’t automatically quoted in your post. This will be great for those that quote entire huge posts. But, if you’re really wanting that context in your post, no worries, friendo.  Click the talk bubble button () and the original post will be quoted within your post. Or just select the part you want to quote before you click reply. It's that easy.

Adding Clickable URLs:  Clickity-click! If you paste a URL into your post, it’s immediately clickable. No codes needed (fancy, huh?). Want to fancy it by making your text clickable? There’s a button for that too! The  button shows you a dialog box to paste your URL and where you type the text you want to be linked. 

Adding Images, GIFs, and Videos: It’s easy. Crazy easy. How easy? Why, it’s just as easy as copy, paste, or dragging the image into the text box. You can even add photos directly from your computer, tablet, or phone. You don’t need to upload the photo to another site first!  There's more on this below.

Deleting your Post: Good news, everyone! You will be able to delete your own posts within a yet to be decided time frame.

Oh, one other thing. If you are really into using BBCode or Markdown, go right ahead and format away, Chief! 



Seriously, adding images and videos to your posts is way easy!  The easiest way is to simply drag and drop your image or video into the text window.  And you don’t have to remember those darn codes! 

Using Drag/Drop to Share an Image, Photo, Pic, Snapshot, or Picture from your Computer:
Find the image you want to share on your computer and drag it to the reply text box. 



The image is magically uploaded by our computer monkeys and the code is created to display it. You will see the image on the preview pane.


Sharing an Image or Video via a URL
Did you find something fun on the Interwebs? Simply paste that URL in the text box and you’re ready to go. Just remember that the URL needs to end in .jpg, .png, or some other graphic extension (it does not work if you post a URL ending in .html).


This also works for gifs and videos.  For these, make sure the URL ends in .gif, .gifv, or .mp4.  You can also paste a YouTube URL directly.



Using the Upload Button
You can also use the Upload button ( ) to post images, gifs, or videos from your computer. When you click the Upload button, you’ll see the dialog box below.

You can choose “From my device” to upload an image from your computer using the browse button.


Or you can choose “From the web” and paste in a URL.


As you can see, it’s going to be much easier to post images, gifs, and videos in the new Woot! Community.