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Prime Exclusive Offer: EXTRA 10% Off Woot's Main Deal

by Jeff "the Prime Guy" Bezos

Here's how it works:

1. Click on the 'Login with Amazon button' to sign in.

2. Sign in with an active Amazon Prime account.

3. Add the main Woot Daily Deal to your shopping cart.

4. We'll take an extra 10% off at checkout.

5. It's only for Prime Members.

6. Valid July 8 at midnight CT - July 9 at midnight CT.

Restrictions and fine print:

Offer valid for Prime members with a mailing address in the contiguous United States.
• You must log in with a valid Amazon Prime account.
• You must add Woot's main daily deal (the deal we feature on's main front page) to your cart.
Discount applied at checkout.
Offer limited to 2 units per order.