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Suddenly Lost Your CEO Job? Woot's Hiring

by Jason Toon

So your company was hemorrhaging money and the Board of Directors decided you weren't the man for the job anymore. Tough break. But look at it as an opportunity: an opportunity to work for Woot!

Right now, the Woot jobs page lists openings for everything from Senior Vendor Managers to Software Developers, from Director of Inventory Planning to Member Services Representative. You'll want to build your typing chops back up before you apply for that last one. You probably haven't done much typing lately, and 70 WPM is not negotiable.

We're sure you'll land on your feet, and maybe those feet will be under a desk here at Woot. One word of advice, though: during the interview, you might not want to make the claim that you "helped invent daily deals." We won't fall for that one.