There Can Be Only Pun: Actors'/Actresses' Under(the sea)Studies!

by Sean Adams

You guys, I have an addiction. I'm addicted to puns. I need them. I can't get enough of them. I HUNGER FOR THEM. That's why I've set up this weekly blog feature: so you guys can feed my addiction. Every week, I'll name the topic, give you some examples, and then you'll pun away in the comments, on Facebook, or on Twitter. I'll choose the best ones and post them here next week. Sound good? Good! Let's do it!

THIS WEEK'S EPISODE: Under(the sea)Studies

We're looking for the best actors and actresses under the sea. Check out these examples:

  • Mark Narwhalberg
  • Reef Witherspoon
  • Marlin Brando

Eh? EH?? EHHHHHHH??!?!?! EHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH????!?!!!?!?!? Pretty funny, right? But you can prolly do better. So post away and I'll choose my favorite next week.

Last Week's Winner (Fitness Superheros): Thigh master of the universe from Crystal Quibell on Facebook.

Other Favorites: Insani-TMNT from OldMatador and Lean Hornet from charlesjohns4.

Photo by Flickr user eutrophication&hypoxia, used under Creative Commons License.