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Welcome Gourmet.Woot

by WootBot

Woot is delighted to announce the launch of Gourmet.Woot on January 1st!

Gourmet.Woot will be your favorite stop for excellent spices, cheeses, oils & vinegars, sweets, accessories, and more. In addition to being a project that we're so excited to bring to our customers, we're also really hoping that Gourmet.Woot will improve the quality of our office snacks.

David Studdert and the team at Wine Country Connect (WCC) will be in charge of sourcing these delicious gems. That’s right! It’s the same team that has brought you great wines and gourmet foods since 2006. The only difference is that now you'll have to provide your own wine.

WCC works closely with the gourmet companies to bring you great deals. They also provide fulfillment logistics support and act as a liaison between us and the gourmet company. We will also still accept Amazon Pay on Gourmet.Woot.

Of course, this means that we'll also have to say goodbye to Wine.Woot. To find out more about how and why Wine.Woot is shutting down (and to learn about where else you can buy wine online), please go here. And if you're really heartbroken about losing Wine.Woot, we recommend drowning your sorrows in some tasty gourmet treats!